Specialised Tig Welding Services

What Is Tig Welding?

TIG Welding can be used to weld aluminium, copper, titanium etc… and even two dissimilar metals. This process is ideally suited to handling tricky welds such as S-Shapes, curves, corners or where the weld is going to be visible and where accuracy and finish is important. TIG welding allows a greater variety of metals to be welded than other forms of welding.

With superior arc and weld puddle control, TIG welding allows you to create clean welds when appearances count. Because the heat input is often controlled by pressing on a foot pedal, similar to driving a car, TIG welding allows you to heat up or cool down the weld puddle giving you precise weld bead control. This makes TIG welding ideal for cosmetic welds like sculptures, architectural and automotive welds.

What Is TIG Welding Used For?

TIG welding can be used for more metals than any other type of process. For this reason, a variety of industries rely on TIG welding. It is used in the construction of spacecraft and airplanes in the aerospace industry. Auto manufacturers use TIG welding on fenders for its anti-corrosive properties. TIG welding is also widely employed in auto body repair shops. Artists appreciate the excellent quality of TIG welds using them in sculpture welding.

What Can We Tig Weld For You?

Advantages of TIG Welding

TIG welding offers a solution for welding critical joints, and for situations where small or exceptionally precise welds are required. It can be performed with a wide variety of metals, and, when done correctly, it produces a high-quality and high-purity weld compared with other joining processes, which is crucial in many applications. The price of TIG welding services is also usually quite affordable. However, costs will vary depending upon the materials being welded, and the scope of the project. Overall, it is one of the most efficient ways to join two metals.

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