Renjohn ( PTY ) Ltd. shall warrant repaired parts supplied for a period equating to 180 days. Warranty shall commence from the day that the part(s) were put in use, (not from the date of receipt, providing that the storage period, before the items are put in to use does not exceed 180 days. Warranty shall be applicable to defective material and faulty workmanship. For faulty workmanship which this company may be held responsible, we shall incorporate our insurers by whom we are insured for " Faulty Workmanship ".

Exclusions to this agreement are as follow: Damage resulting from incorrect fitting/assembly practices. Unsuitable storage resulting in damage.


All parts subject to a warranty claim shall be returned to Renjohn ( PTY ) Ltd. within 10 days of the claim submission thereafter the claim shall be classified as Null and Void. In cases whereby the part(s) cannot be returned a photograph shall be required. All parts returned shall be affixed with a label clearly indicating the part number, customer's order and a job number, the date work was done, claim reference number if necessary and the date the rejection was made. A period of 30 days shall be allowed to register the claim, thereafter the claim shall be classified as delinquent and rejected.

For and on behalf of Renjohn ( PTY ) Ltd 
Dated 10/09/2016